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  • Fresh Garlic Scapes . . . Delicacy

only available in June/July

Gourmet delicacy available in mid June to mid July, Garlic scapes are the absolute bomb!   Only available from hardneck variety garlic, the scape is the beautiful curled flower stem that is removed to promote bulb growth.  

 Scapes have a mild garlic flavor raw, and are so crisp and crunchy, you will use them in everything from salads, stir fry, pestos, tuna, cocktails and more. Picked fresh and shipped fresh, the scapes will last arrive to you within days of being picked and last in your fridge for at least a month or more.     They can also be frozen. Easy instructions for keeping them fresh provided with your shipment.

 These are very rare and you won't usually see them in any market due to the only two week period of available harvest.  So get your order in now!

 The scapes have a distinct garlic flavor that is potent, but without the stinging bite of a raw clove. Fresh Scapes are are so Wonderful to use in all your meals!  Freeze them or use them fresh, you won't want to miss trying these!

Shipments are made Priority 3 day air, so the package arrives to you quickly.

Shipping Season June & July

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Fresh Garlic Scapes . . . Delicacy

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