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  • Spanish Roja Garlic

One of the hottest Garlics on the planet!

Spanish Roja garlic is defined almost entirely by its flavor. Its violet-blushed sheath of wrappers encapsulates large ivory cloves with a flavor so strong, hot and robust that it sticks around for a long time. If cooked, particularly roasted it will develop a deep, rich and complex flavor. It has been described as one of the the HOTTEST  garlics in the world.

This is a rare garlic, as it is more difficult to grow large bulbs, but well worth if for its flavor. Heritage Gourmets has worked for years and proud to say we have a very large and more robust strain due to growing in Montana's cold winters.

Most bulbs are smaller than other garlics, but the flavor outways the bulb size.   Our Roja is generally 1.5 to 2.5 inches, and only 6 to 8 cloves.

Shipping Season Begins in September

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Spanish Roja Garlic

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